If you're feeling unfulfilled at work, this will have a ripple effect on how you see yourself, how you show up and how you view the world - because it takes up so much of how you live your life each day. There is no "work you" and "home you" - there is just you. Who you are, and how you show up in the world. 

Lately you've been feeling uncertain about the job you're in. You don't feel the same spark you used to. You're doing well and you know you're capable of delivering, but there's just something that doesn't feel quite right. Coaching can offer you:



Well meaning friends will tell you to stay in your job, or to "just leave" but it's more complicated than that. Coaching gives you space with a trained impartial person who can listen. Really listen. 


When you've been back and forth trying to make a decision, it can help to have someone bring you through different tools and strategies to allow you to come closer to the right answer for you.


So often we go from one job to the next. We get feedback on our performance, sure. But in order to make the right choices, having a firm sense of self will support you. You'll know your strengths, your weaknesses, your blindspots. You'll know when it matters enough for you to stick your neck out, and when it's worth taking a measured risk.


When you have a question on a loop in your head, unanswered, it can be pretty draining. By addressing your biggest questions, you can finally relax - you will take actions, you will move forward. No more feeling stuck, or stagnant. 


If you're really honest with yourself, you know that you stand in your own way at times. You choose to put other people first, you choose the path of least resistance, and you just go along with things. Looking after yourself somehow makes it to the end of a long list of other people's needs. Having a coach check in and keep you accountable means you won't be able to use the same excuses you did in the past. You'll commit, and be held accountable. 



A huge part of this process will be about having support to stay with your moments of uncertainty. Someone who will challenge you to think differently and to honour your own values. Someone who will nudge you closer to what you really want. Someone whose only focus is to help you get where you want to be. 

If you think coaching could be a good fit, schedule in a free call in the link below. It won't be a sales call. I'm not interested in working with people who aren't genuinely a good fit, so we'll have a chat and decide what the best next steps are for you, based on what your goals are. 



Your career is an expression of how you add value in the world. How you speak up. How you feel each day. How you make things happen. How you impact others. 

In your lifetime, you will put in an immeasurable amount of thought, feeling and energy into your work. It matters.

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