You cannot separate your work from your life. You are one person, not two. 

What you value, how you think, how you feel and how you communicate are all intricately linked. 

These factors impact how you show up in the world, and ultimately, how happy you are with your life and your work.

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When you feel stuck, it can start to weigh on you. You've already spoken to loved ones about it, and although they care, they aren't helping you make changes. You feel stuck. Coaching offers a space to explore your questions in depth, with focused time and attention on figuring it out.


When you've been back and forth trying to make a decision, it can help to have someone bring you through different tools and strategies to allow you to come closer to the right answer for you.


When you're struggling or stuck, your confidence can wane. You start to question yourself and your decisions. Coaching puts the emphasis on empowering you in a meaningful, honest way. This isn't a trivial "you can do it!" It's a process to uncover your inner resources so you can tap into what makes you feel a sense of deep-seated confidence that's real, and authentic to you


When you've been thinking about your life and work, you are probably going through the same thought patterns each time. Thought processes are like muscles, they build the more you use them. Coaching helps you to realise which thought patterns are helpful, and which ones are keeping you from making progress. Most importantly, it helps you to change those patterns.  


When you're struggling with something, it can start to weigh on you. By addressing your biggest questions, you can finally relax - you will take actions, you will move forward. No more feeling stuck, or stagnant.


If you're really honest with yourself, you know that you stand in your own way at times. You choose to put other people first, you choose the path of least resistance, and you just go along with things. Looking after yourself somehow makes it to the end of a long list of other people's needs. Having a coach check in and keep you accountable means you won't be able to use the same excuses you did in the past. You'll commit, and be held accountable. 



A huge part of this process will be about having support in your moments of uncertainty. Someone who will challenge you to think differently and to honour your own values. Someone who will nudge you closer to what you really want. Someone whose only focus is to help you get where you want to be. 

If you think coaching could be a good fit, schedule in a free call in the link below. It won't be a sales call. I'm not interested in working with people who aren't genuinely a good fit, so we'll have a chat and decide what the best next steps are for you, based on what your goals are.