Teens and Youth

Young people are bombarded with a lot of pressure and live in a digital environment where they are 'always on'. This has led to increased levels of anxiety, stress and cyber bullying. With this kind of pressure, many young people feel under strain to try to be all things to all people - at a time when they are trying to figure out who they are. 

Natural Balance offers programs to schools, youth groups and individuals to help increase emotional resilience, reduce anxiety and promote positive self-image. Learning these skills at a young age is invaluable to the health and development of teens and youths.

Group Bonding


We will come into your school and deliver trainings and follow-ups to ensure practices are being learnt, understood and incorporated. 

Youth Groups

The approach will be tailored to you, depending on how often you meet and what the needs of the youths are - yoga, mindfulness, coaching or a combination program. 


We can offer coaching 1-2-1 with young individuals, with parental consent. The approach will depend on the needs of the individual. 

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Contact me to tell me more about what you need from me, and we'll look into the best solutions for you.

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